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Richard Mills

Meet Richard Mills

Richard Armande Mills is an activist, content creator, entrepreneur and 19 year Eugene resident primarily focused on issues concerning innovation, integrity and lawfulness. In 2010, The Register-Guard newspaper heralded him as “the biggest celebrity you’ve never heard of” due to his successful digital media efforts that covered various social issues in Lane County and surrounding areas.


Richard has since served as a political strategist, campaign manager, organizer, educator, student leader, and founding director of an after school/out-of-school program at the University of Oregon. Spurred by the perpetual mediocrity concerning public policy conducted by Oregon legislators, Mills seeks to be a contributing voice in the local effort to confront the systems and structures that have lead to a borderline disenfranchised statewide government.

Full Biography

  • FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Statement from Richard Mills, Lane County GOP Delegate and Eugene resident   Re: Eugene Sanctuary City Ordinance   Lucy Vinis, the mayor of Eugene, Oregon, is working with various community leaders to draft an ordinance which would declare the metropolitan area a “sanctuary city.”   Adopting sanctuary status is in direct conflict with American immigration laws and practices. It also categorically opposes sentiments expressed by our current presidential administration.   By executive order, President Trump has stated that sanctuary cities are … read more